Use your body as a compass
to navigate the fantastic voyage
you are meant to live.


Body Mapping is a powerful tool to see how life experience is stored in your body. In this exercise you will track the connection between your thoughts and emotions and your physical experience.

The body is like an historical record of your life and a map which can show you your current direction. By paying attention to signs in the physical body you can track what is going on in the more subtle realms of mind, emotion, and spirit.

Body mapping gives you the inward tools to use your body as a reliable compass to navigate your life voyage.


TENSION: Your body is an energetic network that contains your life history. Every event is recorded in the tissues, on a cellular level, as well as in the energetic field that infuses, surrounds, supports, and informs the life of your body. When we have experiences associated with fear, these events harbor a subconscious tension that becomes locked into the fibers of our being. These tensions create rifts or gaps that divide and restrict the flow of core energy. The restriction of energy flow is the source of our discomforts, our diseases, and our alienation from parts of our selves. Bringing awareness into the body enables events that are held subconsciously to process, release, and integrate. We restore wholeness and open the paths for energy to flow smoothly.

BODY REGIONS: According to the ancient theory of "chakras" (which describes 7 main energy centers in the human body), each region of the body is associated with specific energies, concerns, issues, and tensions. Trauma or pain in any of these areas is a sign to work on the issues associated with that region. The energy bodies of spirit, mind, and heart layer around and integrate within the physical body to form a feedback loop in which each modifies the other according to our life experience. This basic theory is thousands of years old, though today it is receiving renewed interest and research. We can use this theory as an operational tool to see what we can discover with it. Use this exercise to give you information about how your physical body relates to the energy bodies of heart, mind, and spirit.

We divide the body into SEVEN REGIONS:

1. Root: feet, legs, anus, perineum, and base of spine (also relates to large intestine, bones, teeth, and nails)

2. Sexual: sacral part of spine, hips, genitals, lower abdomen and lower back area

3. Solar: diaphragm, digestive organs, and muscles at the base of the ribs

4. Heart: heart, lungs, chest, mid-back, shoulders, arms, and hands

5. Throat: throat, neck, jaw, mouth, ears, nose, and eyes

6. Third eye: eyebrows and forehead (third eye), jade pillow (spinal entry to skull)

7. Crown: top of the head

Though these descriptions of the seven regions are not all-inclusive, they provide enough detail to enable us to gather information. Each of these seven regions has specific issues or life-concerns associated with it, as well as a color and an element that represent its energetic frequency, and a sense of perception with which it is affiliated.

1. Root:
Issues: survival, safety, material needs, physical vitality, grounding, stillness
Color: red
Element: earth
Sense: smell

2. Sexual:
Issues: primary feelings and relationships, belonging, emotional security, trust/fear, desire/tears, sexual energy, downward contraction, fluidity
Color: orange
Element: water
Sense: taste

3. Solar:
Issues: primal will, personal power, action, confidence, self-worth, consumption, joy/anger, laughter, warmth, color, upward expansion
Color: yellow
Element: fire
Sense: sight

4. Heart:
universal compassion, personal love/sadness, gentleness, lightness, mobility, giving/receiving, movement towards (relating)
Color: green, healing pink
Element: air
Sense: touch

5. Throat:
communication, creativity, self-expression, excitement
Color: light blue
Element: energy (body as a whole)
Sense: hearing

6. Third eye:
command center, higher will, mental programming, intuition, creative insight, order, pattern, images, dreaming
Color: indigo blue, purple
Element: mind
Sense: thought

7. Crown:
spiritual connection, universal consciousness, bliss
Color: crystal clear, white, violet, gold, silver
Element: spirit
Sense: metaphysical sense, Oneness (pure "I AM," Being

Each of these regions has polarities front to back and left to right. In general, the left side is associated with receiving and the right side with giving. The front of the body is associated with moving forward and outward, being expressive and assertive. The back is associated with protection.

There are volumes of information describing the intricacies of these regions. Different colors are offered in different systems as well as different divisions of issues and concerns. What we want for this exercise are simple, general ideas to launch us into our own explorations. Most important is what our inner wisdom reveals as we focus on each of these areas.

(Links to Body Maps are at bottom of page)

1) COMMIT TO ONE WEEK OF BODY MAPPING: This is designed as a one week exercise. In the first day of the week, you focus on region 1. Proceed day by day, region by region, until you arrive at region 7 on the seventh day.

2) KEEP THE BODY MAP NEXT TO YOUR BED: You can print out a BODY MAP FRONT VIEW and BODY MAP BACK VIEW as well as BODY MAPPING NOTES AND QUESTIONS page at the bottom of this page. Body Mapping begins at the start of each day. When you wake up, sit on the edge of your bed with your feet firmly on the floor, and take several deep breathes.

3) FOCUS INTO THE REGION OF THE DAY: Relax into centered awareness and focus your attention into the region to be explored that day. Feel the sensations in your body in that area and imagine it is colored with the color for that region. Center your mind there and invite that area to reveal itself. You may experience images, temperature changes, tingling, muscular sensations, specific feelings, resistances, agitation, etc. Whatever you feel is fine. Let it be. If you find your focus wandering, just return your attention to the region of the day. Even if nothing comes to you, keep your focus in that area for five minutes.

After five minutes return your attention to your body as a whole and feel it being filled with radiant, smiling energy. Let this energy saturate every cell, then bring your attention to the space around you and open your eyes.

4) MAKE NOTES ON YOUR BODY MAP: Take time to write down what came to you from the region that you concentrated on. Recall as much as you can about the images and feelings that moved through you even if they do not seem to be associated with that area. Write down everything, even if it seems like a stray thought. The first body map is a front view and the second is a back view. Right and left sides are also labeled. On the first day of this week work on region 1, on the second day focus on region 2, and so on. Each day fill in the region for that day as segmented with the dotted lines.

Use the descriptions given previously and scan for memories from your life history to fill in the body map with information pertaining to the region of the day. Examples of such information include sensations, injuries, pain, traumas, major life decisions, changes, and issues associated with that area. For example, when focusing on region 1 you may feel heaviness, warmth, coolness, or tingling. You may feel a sense of grounding, stability, and connection to the earth. You may have images from a job or home you lost, have worries about money, memories of breaking your tailbone, a history of hemorrhoids or diarrhea or constipation.

Whatever is associated with the first region physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually record it inside the dotted lines on the page for the front side or the back side of the body, whichever is appropriate. The basic idea is that every physical condition or event corresponds to issues associated with that particular energetic region.


Throughout the day, keep the region for that day in your awareness. Keep a notepad with you and jot down anything that is associated with that area. Some areas will probably fill up with all sorts of information, others may have very little. Give each region your full attention for that day and record what comes to you. This is the raw material that will be used to complete the rest of the exercise at the end of the week.

Include as part of your notes the primary fear associated with that area. What are you afraid of in relation to the issues of that region. Along with the body maps, you will find a Body Mapping Notes & Questions page to write down your primary fear and an affirmation of core energy for each region. The affirmation should counter the fear you have for that region. For example, in region 1, you may be afraid of losing all your money, of being poor and homeless. An affirmation that counters this fear would be "abundance."

Affirming any aspect of core energy has four components related to
Spirit, Mind, Emotion, and Body.
We will use abundance as an example:

1) Spirit: maintain the intention to receive abundance from the Source.

2) Mind: visualize an image of abundance.

3) Emotion:
hold a feeling of abundance in your heart.

4) Body: bring a sensation of abundance into your body.

Learn to differentiate these four levels of awareness and then combine them.

For example, you might begin by opening your intention to receive blessings in through the top of your head and down through the center of your body. You might visualize enjoying a plentiful feast in a warm, cozy home. Add to this your heart's feeling of joy in sharing the abundance of the feast. Then, experience the sensation of fullness and satisfaction in your body. The intention, thought, feeling, and bodily sensation of abundance together create an energetic vibration that acts as a magnetic template that attracts the conditions to fulfill that reality.

The key is to experience the reality that you desire as fully present right now in your bodily sensation, feeling, thought, and intention. Hold the intention, visualize the image, experience the feeling tone in your heart, and allow the sensation to saturate every cell of your being.

Remember that it is your internal intentional context, in its conscious and subconscious aspects, that creates the conditions of your life. We uncover the subconscious fears that are programming our lives so that we may release them and replace them with conscious affirmations of our core desires.

After the affirmations section are questions to answer to complete the exercise. Schedule a period of quiet time to review your body maps and answer the questions. The answers to these questions set up Higher Consciousness Practice #7.

Body Map Front View & Body Map Back View

Body Mapping Notes and Questions