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Clear Quiet Mind: 4 Simple Steps to Deep Inner Peace

Kevin Schoeninger

Author, Teacher, Trainer

Mind-Body Training
T'ai Chi

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What Readers Say:

"Just the techniques I needed to calm the chatter and
come from a more centered place.
Great book. Thank you!"

-Evelyn Logan, Logan Coaching


"I have worked through this book twice so far. I have focused on changing my perspective in my personal life as well as in my classroom (I teach). In just two short weeks I have already found more direction in my relationships and greater peace and patience with my students. I am grateful for this workbook and the opportunity to find a different perspective in which to participate in my life..... wonderful."

-Lisa Chizmar, Georgia, USA


"If you wish to make progress with your meditations and realize who you really are, this is a great book. One could discern that the author had years of experience working with his students and teachers to come to the simple but effective realizations that this book offers. If you read the book and do the exercises he proposes, the effects are profound and immediate. I highly recommend it for anyone who is seriously interested in making progress with their meditations. The processes are simple and easily repeatable, and the results palpable. Very worthwhile read."

-Douglas W. Patterson, Arizona, USA


"This book is packed with wisdom and readily usable techniques for developing mental clarity and inner peace. Plainly written, from a place of kindness, I found the book accessible and practical. The book synthesizes insights drawn from the author's personal journey, which he shares openly with the reader. After supplying the science and reasoning behind its insights and strategies, this book gives you a straight forward plan for making an immediate difference in your life."

Eric G., Colorado, USA


"Excellent! Easy steps to follow and use. I was able to get out of my head and relax my singing voice better than ever before. Gives you a new perspective on looking at the world and dealing with life, pain and society."

gerd, Colorado, USA


"Just received my first two copies. So excited about this book! I started it last night. . . It is one of those books you will read over and over and give copies to friends."

-Marjorie McCurtain, Colorado, USA


"The 4 steps of the CQM Process have been so helpful and easy to apply in challenging situations and with challenging thoughts! I am using them personally and with my clients. Thank you Kevin!"

-Monica Augustine,



Deep inner peace doesn't depend on circumstances. It doesn't depend on how much money you have in the bank, how much insurance you have, or what you own.  It doesn't depend on anything that happens in the world.  Instead, you find it by practicing simple cues that lead to a clear quiet mind.  Therefore, inner peace is always available. 

In this book, I show you how to find your clear quiet mind in four simple steps.  These steps transform moments of anxiety into excitement, anger into love, judgment into acceptance, depression into inspiration, doubt into confidence, and fear into faith.

The deep inner peace of a clear quiet mind improves focus and decision-making; helps you communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts more easily; reduces stress and fatigue; boosts energy and resilience; and empowers you with intuitive insight about "who you are" and "what you are here to do," so you can achieve your goals!

You can do this—and I'll guide you every step of the way.  As you follow the steps of The Clear Quiet Mind Process, I think you'll be surprised and even amazed at what you discover about yourself. 

Are you ready to experience a clear quiet mind?


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"Whole Body Breathing"
"Inner Smiling")

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