Kevin Schoeninger

Kevin Schoeninger

Monica Augustine- William Rand- Kevin Schoeninger

With Monica Augustine and
William Rand at Stonehenge

M.A. Philosophy,
Certified Personal Trainer,
Qigong Meditation Teacher,
Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher,
T'ai Chi Instructor,

My goal is to provide tips, tools, and training
to help you practice inner peace.

Since I began working out with weights in my basement at age 12,
through my discovery of T'ai Chi at age 23, then Qigong,
Meditation, and Reiki in the years that followed, I have learned
that I can change my life through daily practice.

For the past 30 years, I've had the pleasure to help others do the same.

*Below are some of my credentials and accomplishments
in the field of Mind-Body Training.

Arthur Baird-Kevin Schoeninger-Michael Baird

With Arthur Baird and Michael Baird
at Peace Place in Sedona


B.A. Philosophy 1984, St. Joseph's University
M.A. Philosophy 1986, Villanova University


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 1989, N.S.C.A
Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certication, 1994, E.C.H.O
Certified Personal Trainer 1997, A.C.E.
Qigong Instructor Certifcation, 2000, Q.H.L.R.F.
Qi Healing I, II, III Certification, 2004, Q.H.L.R.F.
Senior Qigong Instructor Certification, 2005, Q.H.L.R.F.
Master Qigong Instructor Certification, 2011, Q.H.L.R.F.
Certified Life Coach, 2011, AUNLP
Holy Fire Karuna Reiki
® Master, 2015, Infinite Light Healing Studies Center
Holy Fire II Usui Reiki Master, 2016, International Center for Reiki Training

Personal Fitness Training 1981-present
T'ai Chi and Qigong Meditation Teacher 1989-present
Holistic Fitness, Owner, 1994-present
Life Coaching: The Power of Practice,LLC, Owner, 2005-present
Online Mentor:

-Programs available from The Mind-Body Training Company
-Trackings: "A Message for the Third Millenium" (Visionary Novel)
-Learn Qigong Meditation (Home Study Course)
-The Power of Practice Program
-Raise Your Vibration: A Guide to Core Energy Meditation
-The Life You Are Meant to Live Program
-The Holistic Fitness Training Program
-Over 100 articles on personal development and spiritual growth
-Keys to Inner Power
(e-book and paperback)
-Mini Meditations for Relaxation (meditation downloads)
-Stress Relief Meditation Program

Kevin with Master Hao

With Master Tianyou Hao
in Beijing

Matt and Kevin

With Matt Clarkson
in Boulder, Colorado

Learning Tui Na in Beijing