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Remembering Posture follows the same format as The Remembering Exercise, except that the experience you will recall is
The Five Posture Points.

Like the Remembering Exercise, Remembering Posture develops
1) Memory
2) Intention Setting
3) Perspective Shifting
4) Non-Judgmental Attitude

In addition, The Five Posture points relax and align your posture. You will see how your posture dramatically affects your experience. When you practice good posture you will feel more present, peaceful, and self-confident. Your energy will flow more freely.


Put a sign on or next to your alarm clock to remind you to: sky in the clouds
"Remember Your Posture."

When you wake up in the morning:
-Stand by the side of your bed.


1) Relax Down: Soften the muscles in your face and relax your jaw. Drop your shoulders onto your ribcage, let your elbows hang heavily, release tension in your lower back, soften your buttocks and hips, and bend your knees slightly. Sit down into your hips as if readying to jump or standing in the stirrups on a horse. Imagine a heavy weight attached to your tailbone.

2) Extend upright: Imagine that there is a string attached to the top of your head drawing gently upwards. Tuck your chin slightly. Feel that your spine is gently stretched between the heavy weight on your tailbone and the string attached to the top of your head. Feel as if your body is filled with helium so that your joints are open.

3) Breathe from the Lower Dantian ("dahn-tee-en" energy center): The lower dantian is the physical center-point of your body (approximately three finger-widths below the navel and three-sevenths of the way from the front to the back of the body). Feel this energy center as a vibrant, heavy sphere. Focusing here brings feelings of presence, vitality, grounding, peace, and stability. As you inhale, allow your breath to gently expand the lower dantian and fill your lower abdomen and lower back. As you exhale, allow the lower dantian to relax inward and empty out, relaxing your abdomen back toward your spine.

4) Soften your Hands: Let all tension release from your fingers so that they become soft, relaxed, pliable, and sensitive. Feel the energy in your hands. Begin with your palms and then let this sensation fill your entire hand and fingers. Feel as if your hands are cotton and the air is a thick fog.

5) Sink into your Root: Feel the contact of both feet on the ground. Become aware of weight distribution between the two. Is it 100 percent on one leg? Is it 50/50? Become aware of weight distribution forward toward the balls of your feet or backward toward your heels. Center your weight in your feet just behind the balls of your feet (the "bubbling-well" points). Feel as if your feet are rooted into the ground through these points and that your weight is evenly distributed around the bottoms of both feet. Focusing attention to your feet has a calming effect. Your feet ground you in the present moment.

-Set a precise time later in the day (such as 10:50 a.m.) when you will remember to practice The Five Posture Points. Besides the note by your alarm clock, don't write any other notes to remind you about the exercise. Don't schedule it in a daytimer or in "Outlook." Let your natural powers of memory come forth. Or not :) They may need a little work.

From the starting point, there are three different ways to complete the exercise:
1) If you remember at exactly 10:50 a.m., then, run through the five posture points. Recall the feeling of relaxation, inward peace, and self-confidence that comes with good posture.

2) If you forget at exactly 10:50 a.m., whenever you do remember about the exercise, do two things:
A) Recall what you were doing at 10:50 a.m.
B) Run through The Five Posture Points and recall the feeling of relaxation, inward peace, and self-confidence that comes with good posture.

3) If you get to the end of the day without remembering the exercise, you'll see your little sign by your alarm clock reminding you to do it. Take that moment to:
A) Recall what you were doing at 10:50 a.m.
B) Run through The Five Posture Points and feel a sense of relaxation, inward peace, and self-confidence that comes with good posture.

Remembering Posture:
-Puts a marker in your day that reminds you of your intention for personal growth.
-Provides a break in your day, to observe yourself, to collect yourself, to shift your perspective, to de-stress (if you need to).
-Builds 4 KEY SKILLS that you need to create the life you desire:

1) Memory: You will build new and stronger neural connections.
2) Intention Setting: You will grow your ability to set an intention and follow it through.
3) Perspective Shifting: You will grow your ability to shift your experience at will.
4) Non-Judgmental Attitude: You will be able to look at things from a more objective, bigger picture, point of view.

Practice The Five Posture Points as often as you think of it during the day.
Posture is a great way of coming back to Core Energy.

To get the most out of this exercise, I recommend that you journal your results.
The Daily Practice Log is a tool to help you keep track.