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What's The Power Of Practice all about?

Practice is the consistent repetition
of intentional action
to grow what is important to you.

Taking action every 24 hours is crucial if you want to
make something an integral part of your life.
Your body operates on 24 hour cycles.
Anything you do every 24 hours will become
a dominant part of your baseline experience.

For example, if you meditate every 24 hours
you'll have a reliable reference point of
relaxed, positive, clear awareness that you can live from
and return to whenever you need. 

What is important to you expresses
"who you are" and "what you are here to do"
as part of the One Life that we all share.

You achieve what is important to you by becoming aware of
your subconsciously driven negative habits and
replacing them with consciously chosen positive practices.


What your soul receives,
Your mind conceives, and
Your heart believes,
Your body achieves
Through daily practice.


So, what do you want more of in your life?

How do you want to make our world a better place?

Take one action every day to grow that!

12 Practice Principles
Apply these insights to
anything you want to grow in your life!

1) CHOICE: No matter what happens in life, you have a choice about how you relate to it.  Your choices shape your world.  The key is to become conscious of your choices and make them life-enhancing rather than subconscious reactions based on your fears.  mirror

Every moment you choose your life. Test it out. Whatever you focus on increases.  What you intend, visualize, believe, feel, and act upon becomes your experience. Choose to grow what you love. Make your life an expression of your conscious choices.

2) PURPOSE: You have a true purpose in life.  You were created exactly as you are for a reason.  Daily practice releases that natural potential. So what is your purpose? Your Core Desire?  Your Dream?  Your Service to others?  It doesn’t have to be just one thing, but focusing on one thing at a time can help you grow that in your life.

So, take time every day to build a deeper relationship with "who you are" and "what you are here to do." Create specific goals in sync with your purpose. You are an essential part of the One Life that we all share. We all need what you bring to us!

3) INTERFERENCE: Doubt and fear hold you back.  Doubt and fear create conflict and inertia. Why is that? When you doubt and focus on what you fear might happen, it paralyzes your energy and creates a wall that blocks you from moving forward. You see the wall and feel helpless. What you want seems out of reach on the far side.

To move through doubt and fear, see doubt and fear as moments of opportunity to grow what you truly desire.  See the wall in front of you as an illusion and focus on what you love instead. Let your love draw you forward. Nurture your passion into a dominant aspiration and watch your confidence grow.

4) LEGACY: Everything you do leaves a footprint.  The legacy you leave is the sum total of everything you have done in your life, the footprints you have made in your lifetime.

What difference do you want to make?  How do you want to be remembered?  How will the world be better for your having been here?  What is your legacy?  What is your service to others?  What do you want to create?   

You shape the meaning of your life every day.  Wherever you go in life, leave it in better shape than when you arrived.  Whoever you meet, leave them feeling supported, encouraged, and inspired.  And, when you don't do this well, forgive yourself, ask forgiveness, and begin again. . .

5) SYNERGY: Every action affects everyone.  Life is an interconnected energetic Whole. At a deep quantum level, we are part of One Life.  Every thought, feeling, intention, and Group T'ai Chiaction reverberates throughout the Whole.  So, how will you choose to influence all of us?

When you repeat your positive, loving, intentional thoughts, feelings, and actions on a daily basis you improve the quality of life for yourself and everyone around you.  Therefore, choose wisely and support others to do the same.

6) CONSISTENCY: Small consistent acts build great things.  Invest a few minutes in what you truly desire daily and you'll be amazed at what grows.  Your return will be greater than what you invest.  Unexpected inspiration and forces will come to your aide. Your project will attract resources.  People will want to help you.  Your life will come alive. Take one action every day to grow what your soul desires.

7) PRESENCE: Now is the only time you have.  If you want to achieve anything it must be a priority.  Life happens today.  Right Now!  Whatever you want to grow in your life, live from that place now.

You get the most out of each day by acting as if what you desire is a present reality.  Take actions aligned with what your soul desires and watch your dreams come into being.  Act today as if it were your last day.  Take any action, big or small (research, learn, practice, create, and share) to live your dreams today.  Be present and fully engaged, so you create vivid, meaningful, savored, and shared moments worth remembering.

8) COMMITMENT: Make an unbreakable pact with your purpose.  Commitment focuses energy and magnetizes creation.  

So, be persistent.  Don't listen to naysayers.  Associate with positive people.  Nurture your purpose in your heart.  Visualize, feel, and take action on your soul's desire daily.  Modify your daily practice if you learn something more effective.  Review your schedule weekly. Review your goals monthly.  Most importantly, stick with it.

9) DETACHMENT: Live without attachment to results.  Though it may seem like a paradox, detachment is a commitment to something deeper.  

So, surrender to the Bigger Plan.  Within your commitment, be open to change.  Let your purpose expand and shift as Life expands and shifts.  Always keep learning and growing. Let go of results and enjoy the ride.little Kevin

10) INNOCENCE: Fresh eyes seize the moment.  Practice innocence. Learn to see people and events as if for the first time. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

Keep all your senses open.  Cultivate your inner sensing skills.  With fresh eyes you can see the opportunities of the moment.  Include variety in your routine to keep it fresh, expansive, and alive.

11) RESPONSIBILITY: You are accountable for your inner state.  Your choices shape your world, yet you don't control everything.  There are Greater Forces at work.  However, you are accountable for how you relate to whatever happens.

Seek alignment of your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions with "who you are" and "what you are here to do" in service to all.  Learn to relate to whatever happens from your peaceful loving center-your Core.  Whenever you find yourself not doing that, see it as an opportunity to heal, learn, expand, and grow.

12) TRUST and BE GRATEFUL: Life is always for the Greatest Good.  Therefore, learn to accept, appreciate, and be grateful for exactly how things are.  There is a Greater Wisdom running this show, though we sometimes can’t see that.  Trust that it’s so and see how Life opens up in a whole new way. 

Learn to see how Life always flows for everyone's best interest. Choose to trust and be grateful and witness what happens. Every moment the choice is yours. . .

Choose one thing you would like to grow in your life & take one action today and every day to make it real. Learn the secrets to take your practice to the next level in my book:

"Keys To Inner Power:
Four Secrets For Unlocking Your Greater Potential!"

When you do what you are here to do, you help us all BUILD A BETTER WORLD!

Enjoy your practice!


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"Let your mind become still,
Like a reflecting pool
Mirroring heaven."

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